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Vital Features Of Membership Management Software Provided by Chambers Desk

Chambers Desk’s Membership Management Software integrates seamlessly with your current events registration, web surveys, email marketing tools. With this new functionality, member-based organizations, such as associations and non profits, can use Chambers Desk as their primary system, rather than just to synchronize data between multiple applications.

With Chambers Desk’s Online Membership Management Software, Your Organization Can:

  • Collect membership sign-ups and renewals during event registration or directly from your website.
  • Automatically send renewal reminders and purchase confirmations.
  • Send e-mail newsletters, promotions, announcements and other communications with our robust email email marketing engine.
  • Track new memberships, renewals, and expiration with specialized reports.
  • Connect members through directories with detailed contact profiles.
  • Allow members to view attendance, registration, and payment.

Offer Membership During Event Registration

Grow your constituency and better manage membership and sponsorship purchases by collecting dues in conjunction with event registration. Chambers Desk membership management software caters all these tasks and makes things easier for you and your members:

  • Existing members can renew or change their membership type quickly and easily.
  • New members can instantly receive member rates.
  • Membership and registration fees can be collected in one simple transaction.

Link Signup & Renewal To Your Site

By using a membership management software you can automate administrative processes with links to join and renew on your organization’s website. By this you can save a lot of valuable time, and avoid a headache that go along with managing these steps individually.

  • You can create multiple membership types to handle tiered member management and pricing.
  • Pro-rate membership dues based on join date.
  • Send automated membership renewal emails based on anniversary date.

Maximize Member Retention Rates

You can use the membership management software module in order to add more personalized touch-points to your communication process with members in order to maintain a tighter bond and sense of partnership. You can also attract new members and encourage existing ones to renew with targeted messaging and user-friendly sign up process.

  • You can incentivize members to renew early time-related discounts and specials.
  • You can also increase email open rates with personalized communications via data tags.
  • Automate email processes: for example, send remainders based on membership type or expiration date.

In short Chambers Desk’s Membership management software is a perfect tool for your organization managing members of your organization.