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Coffees That Will Definitely Burn A Big Hole In Your Pocket

After a long and tiring day of work all you need is a hot cup of coffee which is more that enough to sooth you. Coffee is one of the most refreshing and soothing, type of beverage. Coffee has been pretty much popular with almost every age group and especially with those who require an energy boost.

But quality is just not the only factor which sets coffees apart, a factor of price also plays a vital role in categorizing a coffee.

Here are some most expensive coffee brews that are found around the world:

Luke Coffee (Indonesia) – $160/lb

This one of the most expensive coffee brews that exist in the world today. This coffee is a particular type and is produced from the coffee beans which have been consumed by a certain type of animal, i.e the mongoose. In the first stage of production the coffee beans need to be passing through the digestive system of the animal. This kind of rarity makes this coffee price to $160 per pound.

Hacienda La Esmeralda (Boquete, Panama) – $104/lb

This is a specially grown coffee, which only grows in Boquete, Panama. Due to its unique taste people from all around the world love to drink this type of coffee. This coffee is cultivated under the shades of old guava trees. So if you are a lover of this coffee, then be prepared to pay a sum of around $104 a pound.

St. Helena Coffee Company’s Island (St.Helena). Р$79/lb

St. Helena coffee is cultivated on the St. Helena Island, which is situated around 1200 miles away from the coast of Africa. The credit for the popularity of this coffee goes to Napoleon Bonaparte, who cultivated and planted the seeds of this coffee himself on the St. Helena Island.