Things You Should Not Do While Trying To Lose Weight


As weight loss enthusiasts at times, you become desperate and tend to lose weight in a rapid way. But one thing you forget at that time that by doing this you are definitely not helping yourself out instead inviting bigger problems.

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Here is a list of few mistakes which people usually tend to make during their weight loss expedition.

You Trick Your Body For Losing Weight Quickly

A lot of dieters at times try to trick on their body and manipulate it into losing weight by consuming fewer calories. But this doesn’t always work as your body can be tricked for only a short period of time. One thing you should remember that likewise it is said Rome was not built in a day in the same way weight loss never happens in a day.

Over-exercising While Cutting Calories

When people are on a weight loss mission at times, you tend to over-exercise and consume lesser amount of calories than required.

When your body doesn’t receive the proper amount of calories then it starts holding up energy, slows down your thyroid function and reduces your pulses. This is exactly opposite of what you want when you are trying to lose weight.

These mistakes are not some  serious ones which we make, but if they are avoided for a long time then it can raise some very serious problems.

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Coffees That Will Definitely Burn A Big Hole In Your Pocket

coffee bar

After a long and tiring day of work all you need is a hot cup of coffee which is more that enough to sooth you. Coffee is one of the most refreshing and soothing, type of beverage. Coffee has been pretty much popular with almost every age group and especially with those who require an energy boost.

But quality is just not the only factor which sets coffees apart, a factor of price also plays a vital role in categorizing a coffee.

Here are some most expensive coffee brews that are found around the world:

Luke Coffee (Indonesia) – $160/lb

This one of the most expensive coffee brews that exist in the world today. This coffee is a particular type and is produced from the coffee beans which have been consumed by a certain type of animal, i.e the mongoose. In the first stage of production the coffee beans need to be passing through the digestive system of the animal. This kind of rarity makes this coffee price to $160 per pound.

Hacienda La Esmeralda (Boquete, Panama) – $104/lb

This is a specially grown coffee, which only grows in Boquete, Panama. Due to its unique taste people from all around the world love to drink this type of coffee. This coffee is cultivated under the shades of old guava trees. So if you are a lover of this coffee, then be prepared to pay a sum of around $104 a pound.

St. Helena Coffee Company’s Island (St.Helena). – $79/lb

St. Helena coffee is cultivated on the St. Helena Island, which is situated around 1200 miles away from the coast of Africa. The credit for the popularity of this coffee goes to Napoleon Bonaparte, who cultivated and planted the seeds of this coffee himself on the St. Helena Island.

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Most Amazing Cafes From Around The World


1. Heart Coffee Roasters in Portland, Ore.

Why you need to see it: The affogatto . This dish has a wonderful name, as well as it will liquefy in your mouth with the ideal blend of coffee dolloped over hand crafted coconut frozen yogurt. Heart cooks its espresso out of the Portland shop, so not just will the possess a scent reminiscent of crisp simmering fill you with compelling delight, however the baristas will be cheerful to talk about the distinctive espresso offerings from everywhere throughout the world with you.

2. Kaffeine in London

Why you need to see it: Kaffeine’s espresso flight will go up against you a mouth excursion that is awesome. Try not to drink any espresso before going to in light of the fact that the flight incorporates a solitary shot of coffee, a solitary shot of cappuccino, and a frosty mix cascara refresher. Kaffeine’s baristas must have no less than three years of preparing before blending behind the shop’s bar, and it appears in the way they flawlessly make latte craftsmanship, as seen above.

3. Stumptown Coffee Roasters in Portland, Ore.

Why you need to see it: Stumptown physically mixes its flavor for 12 hours before serving it to clients. Hard stuff is the most stimulated beverage you will ever have, and it’s less acidic than hot espresso, alongside having a characteristic chocolate taste from 12-hour imbuement. It’s additionally the ideal hot summer day drink, so why even trick yourself into supposing you need a 100-degree drink on a 100-degree day?

4. Blue Bottle Coffee in Oakland

Why you need to see it: If you hunger for delectable, sweet yet appetizing frosted espresso, then Blue Bottle’s thought on New Orleans Iced Coffee is the ideal beverage for you. It is frosty prepared for a large portion of a day with broiled chicory and sweetened with natural genuine sweetener. Much thanks to you, New Orleans.

5. Espresso Supreme in Auckland, New Zealand

Why you need to see it: Coffee Supreme is the main spot on the planet where you can appreciate pop syrup mixed with espresso. You can even include shining water or drain for an uncommon kick. The feel of Coffee Supreme is ideal for working or reflection, and its delicious scones will bait you into taking a nibble.

6. Bistro Craft in Paris


Why you need to see it: Café Craft is typically truly stuffed, however in the event that you discover a spot at this mainstream coffeehouse, then you completely should request the noisette, or coffee with milk, to genuinely appreciate the Parisian espresso experience.

7. Simple Coffee in Calgary, Canada

Why you need to see it: Analog Coffee offers an assortment of yummy beverages, for example, Japanese-style trickle brewers and lattes. Local people appreciate having a seat at the bar to visit up the baristas, who are exceptionally knowledgable about broiling and blending techniques. Since espresso is all equitable science, ya dig?

8. The Coffee Academics in Hong Kong

Why you need to see it: Coffee Academics is not as self important as it sounds, and the glass-blown Chemex (above) really mixes one of the some espresso you will ever have in your life. It offers lattes sweetened with natural crude agave nectar and spiced with ground dark pepper. TREAT YO SELF.

9. Cielito Querido Café in Mexico City

Why you need to see it: Cielito Querido Café is one of the cutest bistros you’ll ever look at, and that is the reason you should see it for yourself. Picture the delectable and newly prepared conchitas (presented above), which you can plunge into your steaming rompope cappuccino for an appropriate Mexican experience.

10. Marvelous Camera Cafe in Yangpyeong, South Korea

Why you need to see it: Imagine strolling into a camera that is really a coffeehouse in beautiful South Korea… Yes, this is quite. While there, you ought to arrange a frosted Americano, in light of the fact that in case you’re going to drink espresso from inside a camera, then you should taste on something frosted, similar to a supervisor.

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